Radiator Repair Charlotte

One of the biggest leading causes of vehicle breakdowns, Is, in fact, the cooling system. To prevent this, it is advisable to have a periodic check of your complete cooling system to find any problems that can leave you with a water leak and eventually an overheated engine, in particular with the high temperatures in and around Charlotte.

It is no fun driving in the scorching sun when you have this sort of radiator problem, and you are a fair distance from somewhere which has water, not just for your car, but also for you to have a drink.

These problems arise as in typical weather an engine reaches very high temperatures and include into this the outside weather temperature, and an engine which is not being cooled properly will fail quicker than you think.

Although the radiator is the largest component of the cooling system and is the one that performs the cooling there are many other parts wich can fail when you least expect them.

These being the cooling fan, water pump, loose or broken fan belt, a thermostat which sticks open or closed, a radiator which is clogged or there is a blockage in the pipes or the most common one being you have a coolant leak.

If it is a matter of a coolant leak, this can be something as simple as a hose clip, a leaking radiator cap or one of the hoses has aged and split.
If you are in need of a Radiator Repair Charlotte Mobile Mechanic can be the ideal solution to fix this for you. We have a wide selection of hoses and clips on our vehicles along with all the necessary belts which can be one of the biggest areas of failure.

When your problem is something larger, we have access to a wide range of part which is very economical and can have your car fixed well under the cost of having your car towed and then fixed in a garage. This is not only expensive, but you will also find your vehicle could carry over into the next day before it is even looked at.

As we come to you in your time of need, you will be fixed and back on the road within the fastest possible time that that sort of repair would take.

As mentioned it is highly advised to have your full cooling system checked on a regular basis to prevent any of these problems from occurring. Moreover, for the sake of a few dollars for a new fan belt and a cooling system flush out, you can save yourself a few hundred dollars and the chance of finding yourself stranded when you least expect it.

To make sure you have no need for a costly Radiator Repair Charlotte Mobile Mechanic highly advise you give us a call to have your cooling system given a quick check. We will notify you of the condition of your cooling system, and leave you safe in the knowledge you will not find yourself left high and dry.