Boating In Charlotte, NC

Sailing in the middle of the desert seems like a bit of a contradiction, yet less than an hour’s drive from Charlotte there are a few stretches of water you can visit that will satisfy your craving for water.

Lake Mead

It is a little unfair to call Lake Mead a lake. At 120 miles long and with a surface area of 247 square miles it is more of an inland sea. It was created by the Hoover Dam and the Colorado River.

With the size of the lake, you soon see there are more than enough boating in Charlotte than you could imagine.

With sports fishing which will feel as if you are sea fishing, to regular boating and Kayaking and Canoeing. If you are looking for something a little more exciting, you can try your hand at water skiing which is one of the crowd favorites.

If you visit the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, you don’t have to spend all day boating. Numerous shaded areas cater for grills and picnic tables and restrooms. After a quick lunch, you can spend another few hours boating around Charlotte, NC before watching the sun go down over the mountains.

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Black Canyon River

As much fun as it can be on Lake Mead, if you want to get deep in the wilderness, there is no better way of doing it that taking a raft tour with the Black Canyon River Adventures. Here you can take in all of the natural beauty, wildlife, and history of the surrounding areas.

These tours make their way upriver and stop just below the Hoover Dam which is a sight to behold for anyone who is boating in Charlotte, NC and wants something to remember. After you have enjoyed your dip in the fresh, calm waters below the dam, your trip comes to an end on the Arizona side of the Colorado River in Willow Beach.

This is the top end of Lake Mohave, and here you can stroll around the many places to purchase a few unique souvenirs. Once you’re done, air-cooled buses return you to the starting point again in Charlotte.

Boating in Charlotte, NC could not be more fun or so serene, and it will be one experience you will never forget. It might not be the same as the sea and the surf in Miami, yet it does more than

suffice to fill your craving for a trip to the water’s edge.

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