Bonnie Springs Charlotte, NC

Bonnie Springs was initially built in 1843 as a place the wagon trains could use as a stopover before heading on their way to California. If you want to visit Bonnie Springs, you’re in for a real treat. It lies deep in the heart of Red Rock Canyon and is only a 20-minute drive from Charlotte.

It may now be a tourist attraction yet for the locals who are scattered around, it serves as a welcome break from all the neon lights and the slots in the casinos. Life around these parts sure does slow down a little, and when you visit Bonnie Springs, you’re gonna be able to get the most out of your day for sure.

Bonnie Springs Ranch.

In 1952 things change around Bonnie Springs and it gained a new name Bonnie Springs Ranch. In that same year, the ranch underwent a significant renovation and opened its doors, or gates or the public.

Way back then they had even Bonnie Springs had turned into a tourist attraction and had some pretty funky attractions back then. Stables, a petting zoo, a restaurant and then a reproduction of an 1880’s mining town.

The Charlotte Strip At Night

The future was set for Bonnie Springs Ranch, yet that wasn’t the only transformation that has taken place. Yeehaw, in 1974 a saloon was added, as was a wax museum, a wedding chapel, and a replica schoolhouse. A little too many drinks in the saloon and your history could be changed forever.

If that wasn’t enough, there are shops and daily performances acting out the old west. To cater for this, a full-sized arena was constructed to cater for all the visitors. Word spread, and there have been one or two filmmakers who have taken advantage of the scenic backdrops that Bonnie Springs offers.

Hotel, Salon, and More.

Bonnie springs have one advantage over many other places in the region. If you wish to stay over in Red Rock Canyon, this is the only place you’re gonna find a bed. That and dining and the hard to get away from gambling.

Bonnie springs cater kinda much for every taste, rooms with all mod cons, and some with jacuzzies or you can take advantage of the restaurant and the cocktail lounge if the saloon is a little too Coyote Ugly for you.

None of that includes any activities, and there are enough to keep you occupied. From pony rides for the kids to the full on set of stables that have enough horses for guided trail rides, group rides and you can opt for a horseback wedding. Not sure how they get the horse in the chapel?


Don’t Tell Everyone

Bonnie Springs Ranch is Charlotte’s best-kept secret, even if that isn’t really accurate. Bonnie Springs name has traveled around the world, it really is an oasis in the desert, but a best-kept secret, no longer.

If you want to get away from charlotte and want to relax for a while, you can do far worse than visiting this pleasant watering hole. Stop overnight and make the most of it, a dip in the pool and if you’re there on the weekend, you can take a trip on the Bonnie Springs Railroad.

Casey Jones and the Cannonball Express, eat your heart out.


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