Charlotte Volkswagen Repair

“Sorry, I cannot help you,” or “I’m really busy at the moment,” How many times have you heard this from garages when you visit to have your precious VW repaired or serviced? Maybe it because many people have the old classic VW’s and these garages have a lack of interest, or the lack of knowledge to understand the workings of these old classics fully.

Charlotte Mobile Mechanic has over 15 years provide a fast, efficient and affordable VW repair or service to hundreds, if not thousands of devoted VW vehicle lovers.


VW Of Charlotte Mobile Mechanic

The best thing about this is, our mobile grease monkeys will come to you. And you will find that working on your VW is a pure joy to them as many of our mechanics belong to the same band of people as yourself. They are VW lovers themselves, and much of their knowledge and experience was garnered from working on vehicles such as your own.

There is no person better qualified than a skilled mechanic who loves the same make of car as your own. So, no matter what your problem is, a simple call and a few details of the vehicle type, and particulars of the problem. Then one of our skilled mechanics can be on his way to have your pride and joy chugging away with the best of them.

Charlotte Volkswagen Repair has never been so easy, or so enjoyable. In most instances, you will even have a quote over the phone for the problem that your car has encountered. If this is not possible due to the nature of the problem. We can source OEM parts at highly affordable rates instead of using aftermarket copies.

Your car can be running like new, and you will be able to enjoy the many fun miles of open road in front of you.

You may be surprise do find that our mobile mechanics can offer you so much more than just your VW repair or service. They did not just learn their craft fixing these beauties. They made and repaired bodywork and brought these classics into the 21st century, many of which went on to be custom show winning vehicles.

Many items on your old VW can be overhauled and upgraded to match the current standards of many modern vehicles. You will have all the comfort, safety of a current vehicle, yet the fun and enjoyment of the car or vehicle that you fell in love with.

As an aside, you can have an increase in vehicle performance and fuel efficiency than what you were currently used to. Now just think how pleasing and easy on the pocket that would be?

Charlotte Volkswagen Repair can mean so much more than just the words itself. History can go on running for many more years. And you can be the one proud owner of a piece of this history.