Mobile Car Inspection

These inspections most commonly fall into pre-purchase vehicle inspections. These bring nothing but benefits to you when you are considering a vehicle purchase.

  • Minimize your financial and health risk
  • We make sure you don’t purchase someone else’s vehicle problem
  • We enable you to negotiate a fair price through independent and highly credible information
  • We know what to look for and can spot what you can’t
  • Purchasing a vehicle is not something you do every day, and it is something that you wish to get right
Car Inspection Charlotte

Our inspections are bumper to bumper and check through over 15 years of knowledge and expertise and diagnostic equipment if required. This gives a fully independent assessment of the vehicle you are interested in.

We make sure there are no faults on the vehicle that have not been mentioned or can crop up one you have made a purchase. This can save you many thousands of dollars in hidden repairs or stops you from paying for a vehicle which is not worth the asking price.

One of our extensive car inspections covers the following.
Electrical switches for windows, air con and any aftermarket gauges that may have been fitted.

Central locking, seat belts door handles and locks, and any other interior items that are likely to fail over the life of the car.

The Mobile Car Inspection that Charlotte Mobile Mechanic performs also covers the body. This is one area that catches many people out. If the car has had bodywork carried out, it can hide the fact the vehicle has had a nasty bump previously which could have affected the chassis and running gear.

Our mechanics do not just rely on a visual check; they have over the years learned many techniques that allow them to find which parts of a car body have been refilled and painted.
The underside of the vehicle car is checked. All mounting points or signs that the chassis has had work done on it. This is a sign is has had a crash of a serious extent.

The engine is also given a good checking as far is possible, yet the inner workings are difficult to determine apart from any physical signs that show or results that come from a diagnostic test. With the engine check, the full cooling system and braking system is given a full check to make sure they are performing safely.

The steering system can also be an area that shows signs of major problems. Excessive movement in the steering wheel before they wheels move shows that something has worn or is not as tight as it should be. You can rest assured a  Mobile Car Inspection of this nature that has been performed by Charlotte.