Mobile Car Mechanic Near Me

How many times have you had a problem, and that is something you have asked yourself. Well, we are now here to help you with that answer. Charlotte Mobile Mechanic has for well over 15 years helped many customers answer the same question.

Made it to the lake after getting the car repaired 1

The answer is really quite simple, and maybe a lot simpler than your realize. Pick up the phone, and you can find out the answer for yourself. No matter where you are in Charlotte, NC, Charlotte Mobile Mechanic will give you the answer to that all important question in a matter of seconds

Where is a Mobile Car Mechanic near Me?Moreover, the simple answer is, that mechanic from us will be wherever you want him, and at any time of the day or day of the week.

We pride ourselves on being more than just the best auto breakdown specialists in the Charlotte valley; we offer any work that you would conceive as being impossible from a vehicle at the side of the road or at your home.

Saving money is also one of our aims, we have access to one of the largest OEM parts stores and can use these to make sure your car is running as the manufacturer intended. Once you see our mechanics, you will see we do not just look at you as another customer with a problem; we look at you and your vehicle as a person who needs our assistance.

The time or day, or the day of the week does not matter to us. We are happy to help when you need us, not when we can fit you in.

Our highly skilled mechanics can perform many functions such as:

  • Clutch & Transmission Problems
  • Fuel Pump Problems, Oil Changes
  • Tune Ups, Car Diagnostics
  • Brake system Servicing, Belt Replacements, Radiator Repairs


This is just a small part of our services, as these are the most common areas where you will find that you can have problems.

Next time you are asking yourself that question, you now have the answer and the phone number to deal with your vehicle problem or vehicle service without having to leave your home.