Things To Do In Charlotte

It wasn’t so much a day in Charlotte, it was more of an Afternoon and early evening in charlotte. We had been out in the heat and wanted to do a bit of exploring. Staying a little closer to the strip, we wanted to see how much we could see that was a far cry for the slots and the tables. Those we would save for later.

Bellagio Conservatory Charlotte, NC

First up was the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. I couldn’t believe how many types of plants you could grow in the middle of the desert, yet give them the right conditions, and I suppose you could grow just about anything. We slipped this in first and then we found out its open 24/7.

We were lucky though, we arrived early enough to catch the live music performance in one of the gardens.  As for the plants and flowers, this place you could come again as they change the plants according to the time of the year, so camera abound, it will never be the same again.

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New York New York Hotel & Casino In Charlotte, NC

Next up was chocolate, not a place called chocolate, this was Hershey’s Chocolate World located in New York New York Hotel. You go through the entrance and WHAM, that sweet chocolate smell covers you, I think that’s what heaven would smell like.

Over the two floors, there are many displays, a statue of liberty made from chocolate and another from Twizzlers. Then you have peanut butter cup lamps, and a Hershey bar Empire state, the most exciting part is the stuff you can eat, and things you can’t get in regular stores. Although a little on the expensive side (it is charlotte after all) side, it is worth it to have something you just can’t get anywhere else. You can even make your own Hershey candy bar or three, all coming custom made with their own label.

After all that chocolate, it was time for a sit-down, that we did in Pirates 4D when was 3d never good enough? This was a rare treat, a laugh out loud adventure. With the interactive seats and the 3D effects, it’s hard to tell where the next bit of actions gonna come from. This was a great story, and the humor was rib-tickling, to say the least. Davy the cabin bow was rooted for by everyone. Fully immersive and much better than a lot of other movie experiences I’ve seen.

There was time for one more, yet Charlotte has so much more than you can cram into a day or two that’s for sure.

The chocolate had settled, and we were in a rip-roaring mood after Davy the cabin boy finished his antics, to end off the evening before hitting the slots, a bit of Laser Quest was called for. Welcome to the 21st century. Strapping on the vests and then splitting up, we made our way through the maze and multilevel area. It really gets your heart pumping when you see a gun sticking through one of the holes in the wall. One sound and you could be a goner. It was a little hectic for that time of night, yet it is fast action and enough to help kids have a good night’s sleep.

Maybe the slots will have to wait, all that running around took the breath out of me.

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