What Is a Mobile Mechanic?

This you may ask yourself, and it is not just a mechanic who is fit to walk around. These mechanics are equipped with vehicles that allow them to carry out no end of vehicle repairs or servicing and tune ups. It is basically a garage on wheels, or at least they have enough equipment on board to allow them to carry out some of the most difficult repairs imaginable.

Once you have chosen this route, either for an emergency repair or that fact that you can now see the convenience of having this type of mechanic working on your vehicles. There are a basic set of procedures that are followed to allow us to fully understand the situation.

Mobile RV Repair In Charlotte

Telling us about your car or vehicle.
This is basically just the location, make and model of your car. If it is a breakdown, a few details or description of what happened can help us a lot in diagnosing the problem before our mechanics reach your position.

Instant quotes
In many occasions we are able to provide you with an instant quote over the phone. And if we are unable to do this, we have access to a huge range of highly affordable OEM parts which we use to keep your car running perfectly. At this point, the question what is a mobile mechanic will start to make sense.

Confirming Booking.
If it is not a breakdown and an emergency, your day of work would be confirmed. Payments are only made once the satisfactory work has been completed. The whole process is as simple as booking a hotel room online.

The day of the work.
If it is other work which we are doing rather than an emergency breakdown. Our mechanics will collect any parts required and meet you at the desired location to carry out the work. The Charlotte Mobile Mechanics will explain both, the work they intend to undertake and also the work that they have done once they are completed.

As with normal garages, all of our work is fully guaranteed and the service is much better as there is a more personal feel. It is like having your own personal mechanic for the duration of the work that is being carried out. This is a much nicer feeling than having your car wheeled into somewhere you are unable to see, and you have no idea what work is being carried out.

What is a mobile mechanic is a question you will be able to answer to all your friends. For over 15 years we have helped many thousands of motorists like yourself. You will be dying to tell your friends and family how much time you have saved by one simple call to Charlotte Mobile Mechanic.